Day three – positively

This blog will attempt to dwell on the positives we can take from this passage. Firstly, the statistics: day's run to noon was a wonderful 152 miles through the water, of which 150 were towards the waypoint. The wind has been a steady force 5 all day (midnight to midnight) and the seas have settled quite a lot. Positive 1 - we have barely touched the sails all day since the wind veered and John eased the sheets at around 0400. Positive 2 - it's been sunny all day but the wind is cold. Positive 3 - we can still see 2 other rally yachts, flanking us one off each quarter. (= just behind either side) Positive 4 - John successfully downloaded e-mails including the important weather information. We still can't send though so these blogs will all be posted at the same time from Baiona Positive 5 - we were in contact with 10 yachts on the midday radio net. The SSB net was not so successful, one boat came up well but the other boat can transmit but failed to hear either of the others. Positive 6 - the clouds covering half the sky have cleared in the past 2 hours and now the stars are putting in their usual brilliant show. Today's menu included porridge and fruit juice for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and sausage casserole and yogurt for dinner. Life is good on board Starblazer, just wish the wind was warmer. Two important announcements: Cathy, I completed that evil Candy Cush game this morning and, secondly, Happy 14th Birthday to our wonderful grand daughter Chloe More of my ramblings later. Joyce

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