Island bound 27 July 2013

Before we left for the bus station John searched the Internet to find the address of the company advertising i-pad repairs in Alicante, it gave it as Marbella. Not useful. We walked to the bus station, bought tickets then sat in a bar with a drink. Next to the bar was a shop advertising Orange data cards (sadly John's phone is locked) and phone and tablet repairs. Yes they could fix the i-pad, collect tomorrow morning, €120. Result. The bus journey confirmed our decision to leave Starblazer in Torrevieja next month. The marina at Guadamar might be fractionally cheaper but it is much further from the bus station AND our bus was very nearly full and we left quite a few people standing at the bus stop! To be fair, the driver had already made a phone call once he saw the crowd waiting, presumably for a back up bus. In La Pola he didn't even stop at the bus stop where there were people waiting, he overshot before stopping to let a passenger off. Note I haven't used the word queue, it seems to be a completely alien concept to the Spanish (among others) though to be fair they do manage to queue at the ticket office and at supermarket checkouts. We finally left Torrevieja soon after 2.00 having collected the i-pad, failed to buy a data card and done a bit of shopping. John took a ticket for the fish counter, number 69 and they were currently serving number 18 so he has had to do without fresh prawns; we'll just have to try to catch some fish if any remain in the Mediterranean. He walked all the way to the Vodafone shop, no luck there either because the phone is Vodafone U.K. Now we have turned the engine off, but probably not for long, and are sailing in the right direction but the speed is rubbish. Later. 20 minutes later we had to turn the engine back on. It was an uneventful night and we anchored in Cala Jondal at noon, next to our friends Lynda and Steve on Nina. The bay was very calm except for the multitude of high speed ribs, jet skis and other 'toys' from the many huge motor boats in the anchorage. Mind you, they weren't all huge, there were lots of small motor boats and quite a few yachts.

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