Life at anchor 31 July 2013

Saturday was a domestic day, I got on with sewing the dinghy chaps while John did battle with the generator and water maker. The generator had been working perfectly, he turned it off and 10 minutes later it restarted but wouldn't generate any power. Careful reading of the manual suggested it might be because there was a high load connected when he restarted it, you are meant to isolate it both to start and stop it. The fix was to give it a 2 second blast of 12 volts then try again, it worked a treat. The water maker ran for nearly an hour before it stopped because there was a peak in the current demand which trips the circuit breaker. There is a fix, John just needs to talk to the helpful guys at Seafresh in Hampshire. Steve arrived with a new water pump and the old one with a recalcitrant gear wheel attached which needed to be swapped over. Between them they succeeded. Before heading across to Nina for dinner we went for a swim, or at least John did. The sea seemed quite a lot rougher than it had been yesterday, I didn't stay in. Getting into the dinghy was a challenge! After a very convivial evening we had to reboard the dinghy, harder than earlier as the seas were rougher. Approaching Starblazer it was obvious that it would be impossible to board at the stern so we tied up amidships and rolled onto the deck, under the upper guard wire once I'd released the lower gate. We had an uncomfortable night and the next morning was no better though there was very little wind, just a vicious swell causing breakers on the beach. The GRIB files suggested the wind would wander between south and north via west so we decided to head for the east coast of Ibiza and find an anchorage only open to the east. Our first choice was San Vicente, about 35 miles away. Unfortunately the new water pump hadn't fixed Nina's problems so we sailed in company. The wind started to die and it was obvious San Vicente was out of reach without an engine so we diverted into Cala Talamanca, just across a headland from Ibiza town. We motored around, checking out the available space for anchoring, then went back and took Nina under tow. We towed them to a suitable anchoring spot then anchored a little further off. A few hours later John and Steve set to work to trace the pipe work to find the heat exchanger. Bingo, it was blocked with bits of shredded impellers! Monday was John's birthday. We had a fairly lazy morning, went into Ibiza town to get a SIM and a 'Pay as you go' for an i-pad, bought a bit of food then returned to the boat to get dinner ready for Steve and Linda. Steve made a great sticky sauce for the ribs which I'd boiled with some spices. They were finished off on the BBQ after starters of garlic bread and grilled prawns. We had a great evening. Socialising, helping each other out, that is what cruising is all about. During the evening the wind came round to the east, there was very little of it so no worries about a lee shore overnight, however it is likely that the swell will build if the wind stays in the same direction so we decided to move on in the morning. The day started well with a gentle sail but the ind was so feeble we had to give up and motor. We went around the south coast and up towards San Antonio aka Sant Anthony Abad and anchored in beautiful clear water in Cala Tarida where we shared Taps on board Nina, another very convivial evening! We are currently motoring into the Bahia de San Antonio, if this gets posted today it means we found one wi-fi ashore. More later.

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