North coast of Menorca 18/08/2013

The seas, or more particularly the swell, have settled down so we decided to head around the north coast of Menorca. Our first destination was Fornells, a large, fairly protected inlet where we booked a buoy in the Poseidonia area. It is possible to anchor here but the holding is reportedly poor due to overuse, if the wind were to come up we wouldn't want another disturbed night of dragging anchors! Additionally, the buoys are the closest mooring area to the town, or perhaps that should be village. There are four bakeries, almost wall-to-wall restaurants and one small supermarket. We enjoyed an excellent meal ashore with Lynda and Steve from Nina. John and Steve shared a 'fish platter', a bit of a misnomer really. It was a huge dish of mussels, large prawns, razor clams, langoustines and two halves of a large crayfish! For a picture see my Facebook page. Lynda chose a 500 gr serving of crayfish while I had a fillet steak. It was all very tasty. It is just such a shame that the pink things poison me so this was an unusual treat for John. We have moved on to another anchorage in Cala Algayerens, off Playa Algayerens Grande. There is nothing here and the beaches will empty later, also many of the boats at anchor will go away so we are looking forward to a very peaceful night. Tomorrow we will leave Menorca, possibly via Cuitadella to refuel, heading for Mallorca on the first step of our journey westwards. We have seen far more of Menorca this time, it really is a lovely island. Postscript: from nowhere a swell rolled on during the evening and set all the boats lolling, some more than others. We deployed the flopper stoppers and it helped a bit. The swell died down towards midnight and we had a comfortable night.

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