Mallorca revisited 19/08/2013

As planned, we left Fornells and motored round to Cuitadella where we refuelled. We might have saved money by anchoring in the Ballearics but the lack of wind cost us a lot! Let us not moan, the wind actually piped up as we came out of Cuitadella. We had a lovely sail to Pollenca on Mallorca. The wind was rather weak and when it backed and dropped we pulled up our pretty coloured cruising chute. Immediately we began to accelerate, catching up with Nina who were three quarters of a mile ahead of us. The ominous black clouds over Alcudia and Pollenca encouraged us drop the mainsail and continue on motor and genoa, not knowing what weather we might encounter under the clouds. We then anchored safely off Pollenca town in brilliant sunshine. Today was the last day of our mini cruise in company with Lynda and Steve on Nina. It started when we arrived at Cala Jondal on Ibiza, where Nina's guests had just left to make their way back to the UK. It really is a very sociable way of travelling, sharing meals out, entertaining on each other's boat, being there ready to lend a helping hand. We have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in each other's company and are sorry to leave but we have a flight to catch from Alicante next week and need to make our way back to the mainland. The trip from Pollenca to Cala Egos, just north of Andraitx, was a very boring nine and a half hours of motoring, with very little wind. On the plus side, the water maker was still working after two and a half hours, a record. We made just over 100 litres. This area gives us a good jumping off spot for the trip to Ibiza tomorrow. If we get an early start we'll make for Cala Talamanca just north of Ibiza town, otherwise we'll head a bit further north to Cala Boix, where we anchored in 2009. In a way, we really should have made an effort to see more of this stunning island but we did see quite a lot of it in 2009 and I really wanted to explore more of Menorca this time. Facts and figures: on Menorca we stayed in three anchorages and one mooring area and also paid a fleeting visit to Cuitadella to refuel. In Mallorca we stayed in only three anchorages, two of them twice. Our plans were a little scuppered by strong winds and swell which we tried to avoid! More later.

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