Starblazer is on the move again 11/09/2013

Our ten day stay in Torrevieja stretched to fifteen, mainly because the forecast was for rain or thunderstorms. No, we don't mind a bit of rain but we would prefer to do our sightseeing in the dry so we spent the time doing jobs. The trip home was useful (shopping!), the wedding lovely, meeting up with friends and family really great but now we must continue our journey westwards. On the jobs front, we started with a lift-out and high pressure wash off. The hull cleaned quite nicely. We also had the propeller greased as it had been sticky, John provided the grease gun, grease and knowledge but a mariniero had to do the work! Back on our mooring, we got on with more jobs. The wheel now has a smart new grey leather cover but I must relearn how to tie a turks head knot at the top. The audit of stores in the foreward cabin is complete, now I have a record of how much of what is in which locker. Two replacement wind display units have been installed as has a new engine room fan; the old one expired three days before we returned to the U K giving us time to get one ordered and delivered to Cathy and Jamie before our return to Spain. John installed the transducer for the forward looking echo sounder and has mounted the instrument pod on the binnacle but nothing is connected up yet. Finally, John has polished some of the stainless steel of the arch and the bimini frame while I washed the bimini and the cockpit cushion covers. We still need to spray the waterproofing stuff on the bimini because it leaks like a sieve! I supposed an accurate description of a bimini is a parasol, not an umbrella. We finally cast off from Marina Salinas in Torrevieja Tuesday morning for a boring motor to Cartagena. At least it didn't rain. More soon.

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