Almerimar revisited

We stayed anchored in Cala San Pedro for two nights, John spent the intervening day getting further with the installation of the pod on the binnacle which houses the new forward looking sonar. I got on with an inventory of the food under the starboard saloon berth. To be honest I have not got very far. A catamaran called Durango hastily pulled up their ARC flag when we anchored not far from them. Ours is looking a bit faded, theirs was pristine! We had yet another cracking sail, this time from Cala San Pedro to Almerimar, only taking the mainsail down just before the entrance channel. We spent three nights here, enabling John to complete the installation of the instruments on the pod. We now have an Autohelm steering compass, a working forward looking sonar and a repositioned command mike for the VHF radio. Additionally, John has now connected the speakers on the mast to the radio so we now have a loud hailer! I did a mountain of washing and made several visits to the excellent Mercadona supermarket. We nearly didn't leave on Tuesday morning, or at least we nearly went back. There was a horrendous swell from a little south of west but very little wind. Where were we heading? You guessed right, a little south of west. At times the boat struggled to motor at 2 knots. We did the sensible thing, other than turning back that is, and altered course a little north of west and made for the anchorage off Castell de Ferro. The worst of the white crested swell didn't creep round the headland and we had a fairly comfortable night. The stop off Castell de Ferro, only about 35 miles from Almerimar, means that the trip to Gibraltar will take three days but who cares? The next destination should be the marina at Benalmadena, just south of the fleshpots of Torremolinos. Again, we set off in little wind but on the nose and less swell than yesterday. The wind built but the swell didn't so we arrived just before 8.00 p.m. We thought about anchoring but the swell put paid to any such parsimonious thought. Benalmadena is the most expensive marina we have stayed in this trip, €54 per night. Tomorrow we should get to Gibraltar, hopefully the one can of diesel together with what is in the tank will be enough to get us there. As John pointed out, €1.44 here or 80p in Gib? We'll hope to sail but the forecast is for less than 10 knots but we'll see! Roll on the reliable (?) trade winds.

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