We actually stayed in Benalmadena for two nights. John caught a bus to Arroyo to find a Movilstar shop to renew my PAYG subscription for the sim in my i-pad. Alleluia, I'm on-line again, at least in or near Spain. While he was out I made a start on washing and polishing all the white bits on the deck. It does polish up well but it meant a long time on my hands and knees. This job is usually done while the boat is out of he water over winter but this year I had severe knee problems and crouching or kneeling caused my knee to lock painfully. I think I've fully recovered from the surgery but the knee still feels odd at times. The only bit still to polish is hidden by the upturned dinghy on top of the cruising chute bag on the foredeck. One day.... We set off for Gibraltar, knowing there would be next to no wind. In fact we didn't even bother with a sail and motored the whole way. John phoned both marinas in the morning, asking for a berth for three nights but both were full. The current bureaucratic hostilities between Spain and Gib meant that Alcaidesia marina would be useless as a base to stock up on Cheddar, P G Tips etc. also John wanted to buy a bigger anchor from Sheppards in Gib so he phoned both the marinas again as we rounded Europa Point, asking this time for just one night if three weren't possible. Marina Bay was full and still haven't phoned back three days later. Queensway Quay said yes! In fact, when John checked in, they allowed us three nights which, this morning, was extended for one more but we MUST leave tomorrow. Our time in Gib has been spent on numerous trips to Morrisons, a trip to Shepards in Marina Bay to buy the anchor, a walk up to Main Street for a visit to the glass factory and shop ( new posh wine glasses and G & T glasses) and finally a return trip to Gauchos, the Argentinean Grill. We ate there in July with the crews of Nina and Farfelu plus Chris from Serendipity and friends of 'Nina' and Chris. This time we had the Chateau Briand but it wasn't as good as the Argentinean Fillet we had last time. Tomorrow we leave, stopping off first to refuel and fill all the cans. That is going to be very expensive, but a fantastic saving on British or Spanish prices. This marina is the cheapest we have stayed in, just under £20 per night, though we are surrounded by extremely expensive apartments. The two bedroom ones overlooking the boat retail at £650,000, three bedroom versions are £850,000. One of the semis on one side of the marina is for sale at £3,500,000. O.K. so it has 5 bedrooms, a lift to all floors, a 20 metre mooring and is one of only 16 so fairly exclusive but still very expensive. Next stop is possibly in Spain but we might just keep on going to Portugal. More soon. BTW there are some things forced on you. Nightcap in a bar at the marina to find wi-fi to post this. Not enough 3G here in Gib on my Spanish account.

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