No room at the inn

As we left Porto Santo we tried to phone Quinta de Lorde Marina, when we eventually got through they had no space! We had a lovely gentle sail towards Madeira and pulled up the cruising chute for the last hour, wonderful. Still no space in the marina so we anchored in the nearby bay. This was a little unfortunate as I had hoped to eat ashore as it was my birthday which John had forgotten! I waited until about 1330 then gave in and said 'I wanted to eat ashore tonight for my birthday.' there was an interesting look on his face! His defence was that he remembered last week. Now, as his penance, he is cooking dinner while we are drinking Kir Royale. Sweet. We are hopeful of getting a berth tomorrow as we are second on the waiting list. This is going to cost John afternoon tea at Reid's Palace Hotel as soon as we can get to Funchal. After all, it was possibly founded in the early 1800s by an ancestor of my grandfather. We can't have dinner there because John didn't bring a DJ and they say it is necessary to dress for dinner! More soon.

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