On Watch

It's 9:15 pm, 2115 hours, on Wednesday 16th October. Joyce is hopefully asleep, she went off watch an hour and a quarter ago. We are sailing peacefully away from Madeira after a few relaxing days, the lights of Madeira are fading into the horizon about 50 miles away. Just another 200 or so to get to Tenerife on Friday afternoon. Our speed is 4.5 knots, just over 5mph. Wind 5-6 knots. Gently rolling from the swell arriving from the East. Lots of puffy white clouds are hiding and revealing the stars and the nearly full moon. The wind is so gentle that as we roll to port (left) the weight of the mainsail drops it into the wind and as we roll back the wind pushes it to starboard, so the sail and the boom and its fixings rattle a bit. The genoa swings about in the wind as well, but no clanking, just the sail and its sheet snatching a bit. So it's not silent, which is a pity and the sailing noises are competing with the Beatles from the cockpit speakers. The iPod has now moved on in its random selection to something classical, we'll probably have a Christmas carol next! In half an hour's time at 1000 I'll write the ships' log and get a hot drink and an hour after that it will be time to wake Joyce with a hot Bovril. Bovril is our main watch change drink, it neither sends you to sleep like hot chocolate or keeps you awake later just when it's time to get your head down again. It also freshens the mouth from that sleep taste! Pity that this jar is nearly empty and we just re-stowed some food under the forward berth, including two new jars! We took the bikes out from under the berths and they are now on deck, then stowed food and 'stuff' from the top of the berth to under it. With luck Chloe will have somewhere to sleep when she visits at half-term! Afterwards the bikes will stow on top of the berth, they do not make it look as full as boxes of tins and 'stuff'. Just time for a look around to spot anyone else out here and soon time for the log, but back to the book on the iPad for a few minutes first.

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