A ‘tourist’ week

We hired a car for six days and picked Chloe up at the southern airport on Monday evening. John had to sign for her. As he said, he's signed for lots of things in the past but signing for receipt of his granddaughter was a first! John was delighted to receive all the things which Chloe had couriered over for him, especially his driving licence. First thing Tuesday morning he went to the car hire company who added him to my car hire agreement, meaning that Monday was the last time I'd get to drive it. As has happened often in the past, we went looking for a big DIY. We found an impact driver set and some Christmas decorations but failed to find the tube he was looking for. Chloe wanted to visit the museum of nature and mankind so we walked there in the afternoon, leaving John to get on with boat jobs with some of the parts Chloe had delivered. It was an interesting museum but did we need to watch the goat being strung up and skinned three times? The mummified remains of Guanches, the local inhabitants found here by the Spanish explorers, were also rather gruesome. It is an interesting museum, nicely presented. On Wednesday we went to Mount Teide, along some very twisty roads. Unlike Madeira, the roads at least had a centre line and, sometimes, there was even a crash barrier. The queues for the cable car were about an hour long and it is quite expensive so we contented ourselves with a walk on a pumice field and some stunning views of the mountain way above the clouds. I wasn't sure how Chloe would react to local food but we had an excellent €11.70 lunch, only paying extra for Chloe's Fanta. Canarian stew comprising chicken, beef, pork, chorizo, potatoes, chick peas, carrots, herbs and possibly other vegetables followed by salmorengo chicken and potatoes then ice cream and a banana with a bottle of wine and a 1.5 litre bottle of water and bread rolls, it was fantastic value. Chloe ate the lot! Unsurprisingly, when we got back to the boat all we could manage was scrambled eggs on toast. Thursday, Halloween, so Chloe and I made cookies but first we had to go out to buy some eggs.....shouldn't have had scrambled eggs last night! The cookies worked a treat, we cooked ribs and I made a trifle for the pot luck supper, it was great fun. On Friday we explored Santa Cruz, finding many shops shut because it was a bank holiday. The market was open and is a very interesting building with many lovely decorative tiles. Meandering back to the boat we stopped for a tapas lunch. This was another 'test' for Chloe. She only declined to try one dish, a particularly yummy stuffed mushroom. On the plus side she ate mini whitebait, octopus salad, mixed fish stew with prawns and crabmeat in it, grilled cheese with mojo sauce and Spanish tortilla. She won't thank me for remembering the time we had to almost force her to eat spaghetti hoops! In the afternoon we left John at the boat to help another yacht sort out how to use their SSB and we went to the Cesar Manrique swimming pools. These are salt water pools set in a lovely park area, entrance is a very reasonable €2.50 for over 12s, €1.50 for under 12s and pensioners! The water felt rather cold, however we both swam several lengths. Saturday was Chloe's last day. We took the tram to the science and cosmos museum, high above the city and on its outskirts. This museum is a very 'hands on' experience which we all enjoyed. I might have done better at physics if I'd experienced something like this. On the way back to the boat we grabbed a quick lunch in the MacCafe, a very smart McDonalds with a cafe at the front. The journey to the airport was uneventful, more than can be said for the airport experience itself. Sky Fliers Solo, unaccompanied children, get no special treatment here. Once John had checked her in, sorted out the paperwork of who was leaving her and who was meeting her at Gatwick and got a seat allocation, there were no other instructions! We paid €50 each way to get her 'minded'. After a bit of argument they found a form for John which allowed him to go through security and wait at the boarding gate with her. Fun. Meanwhile I sat in departures doing a cross stitch. It didn't help that her plane was 30 minutes late. John stayed until the plane started to roll. It has been a lovely week, wonderful to spend time with Chloe, she is delightful. In fact John told her she was his favourite granddaughter. When she complained she is his only granddaughter he added she was also his least favourite! Chloe is the first guest we have had who has slept in the forward cabin; o.k. so the starboard berth was full of 'stuff' constrained by a lee cloth but port side is wider anyway. It gives us hope of clearing the double berth when we have visitors.

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