7 December Your Family Needs YOU

We believe (hope?) that some family and friends are reading our blogs on either the ARC site or our website. But we haven't heard from you. We cannot receive our live/hotmail emails, our website comments or Facebook, but we can receive and send on our mailasail address. Many of our family and friends have our boatcard with our mailasail email address, if you don't or cannot find it please contact someone else in your relevant family/friends group. Or perhaps WCC will forward an email??? arcrallycontrol@worldcruising.com We will reply direct with our address and you can then send on that. We want to stay in touch whilst we are away, so please send your ups and downs, excitements and mundane, everything that you would chat with us face to face. We will reply, we have the time. Reminder No attachments and watch out for corporate logos and disclaimers etc. Joyce & John

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