11/04/2014 – Nobody’s Perfect

There is a Phil Collins track which has just come on the i-pod which states that “Nobody’s perfect all of the time, we are what we are.” So I’ll start with an admission. We are currently in a time zone 10 hours behind UT/GM; on a board by the ship’s clock, which is in UT, it says local time is -10, which makes it -11 for BST. Yesterday I subtracted 11 hours from local time to claim it was 1905 in the UK when I should have added it so it was only 1705 at home, though I did get the day right. Sorry if I confused you all, I blame lack of sleep. The skipper is not perfect, which might come as a surprise to some of you. When I did the midnight log entry I noticed the bright pink post-it note which says ‘FREEZER IS OFF’ stuck up next to the SSB. Yes, the freezer was off, again! That is twice in two days that John has turned off the freezer to improve the SSB reception but failed to turn it back on. It had probably been off for 6 hours, I sincerely hope it wasn’t 14 though the temperature suggests that is possible. We might be having a meat fest in the Tuamotus. We are still on target to arrive at our waypoint just after sunrise, then we have about 30 miles to go to Fakarava. We had a bit of a surprise this afternoon when John spotted a low lying island 9 miles away. We knew our line to the waypoint was clear and we were within half a mile of the line, we just didn’t expect a small island before we reach the archipelago. Now we have the plotter on with the radar overlay as we are motoring and power is not an issue. According to the radar, the island was just about 1 mile NNE of where it was on the plotter. We will have to be watchful. Nothing much else has happened. There is no useful wind so we are still motoring, the day’s run to noon was 130nM. This was satisfactory as it means we can arrive in daylight with ease. Dinner was pork chops with a Poblamo sauce (gravy) which was a packet mix I bought in LIDL. It is described as a sauce with onions, spices and cocoa from Spain and was very tasty. The chops were accompanied by mashed potato and steamed cabbage. For dessert we had apple puree, two long life pots bought in Carrefour in Martinique. A truly international dinner! Joyce Postscript: Fish 1 – John -1

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