22/05/2014 – Not what we came here for!

Yesterday morning the dawn started brightening the sky and the clouds ahead were looking rather grey. The sun came up behind us, with a few little clouds. Normally, on the course we are sailing, the wind is coming mainly from either side of astern so clouds ahead will blow away, but not yesterday. The wind was very light and slowly backed around the compass overnight from north to northwest and on to southwest during the day. We are heading southwest! The rain started at about 0800 but was not drenching type rain, more short showers of big spots. The radar showed it was moving in on us from both sides and ahead. It started clearing late morning and the cockpit dried out by 1400. We motored almost all day, three times we turned the engine off and sailed, the longest period was three hours. We gave that attempt up when the wind backed even further and we were on a beat in the wrong direction going not very fast. We want to arrive in daylight so the ‘iron tops’l’, aka engine, has been has been working all night. Occasionally, if the wind is in the right direction, we get a little extra speed from the mainsail which is helpful because we appear to have some adverse current. Our passenger finally flew away late morning. I made bread, had a second attempt at yoghurt from powdered milk, and successfully set a jelly which is no mean feat in a rocking boat. Dinner was reheated meatballs with couscous and jelly with Greek yoghurt. As you can tell from this log, not much happened yesterday. Joyce

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