07/09/2014 – Rock & Roll

I’ve been delegated to go below and write a blog as it’s very Rock & Roll today. We’ve been trying to keep our speed down to arrive after 0900 Monday to avoid overtime rates for an unknown number of officials taking an undefined length of time to clear us in to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Number of Officials (unknown) x Clearance Time in Hours (unknown) x £6.50, and that’s the Saturday rate. Sundays are more expensive. The wind speed was so low that we have had to motor. Until late yesterday, when it increased and we had to roll all of the genoa away and this morning put two reefs in the main to get down to 4-4.5 knots. At the moment (1530 local) we are making 5.3 knots in 23 knots of wind! Time to spill some more wind from the main. Soon after lunch yesterday a small tuna (1.8kg, 4lb) stopped by and provided tuna fillets for last night’s dinner, ceviche for lunch today and four good steaks in the freezer. It felt a lot heavier on the rod until we stopped to land it! Sleep was difficult last night in the conditions. Waves are produced by the wind and when it changes direction it takes a while for the old wave direction to die down, unfortunately the new wave direction doesn’t wait to get started and so the sea gets a little confused. No regular roll any more, the rock gets added to it. We moved from the forward cabin to the saloon where conditions are slightly better – just like getting the middle seats in a coach. No, neither of us were seasick. The engine and generator are working fine. The watermaker goes on strike after half an hour but we can keep up with our water use. John

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