26/03/2016 – More Boat Maintenance in Exotic Locations

Where has the time gone? We arrived two weeks ago but we have barely stopped working on the boat. The guys from Palm Tree Marine came last Monday and removed the generator. During the preceding weekend I started a few canvas jobs as we couldn't leave before the generator was removed and we were waiting for the completion of the service on the little Honda generator. On Tuesday John collected the Honda and visited Palm Tree to see the problem with the generator. It has managed to destroy itself by allowing its exhaust cooling water to penetrate the case and then damage the windings on the electrical side. We have yet to discover whether a replacement electrical unit can be sent from Germany before we leave the Caribbean in early May. We are not very happy. Wednesday was water maker day. John has reorganised the power feeds to the two pumps, then he remembered that the last time we ran it the high pressure hose started spraying water everywhere. He managed to find a company to make him a new pipe which he has now installed and doesn't leak. Meanwhile, while John has been travelling around the south coast foraging for parts, I have been busy with the sewing machine. My jobs total this week has been: 4 diesel can covers made to a pattern I created months ago, 2 petrol can covers for the new cans we bought in South Africa, repairs to the BBQ cover, repairs to the Bimini, repairs to a canvas rain/shade awning which I tore when I pushed the boom out sideways to remove the Bimini and, finally, a cover for the little Honda with opening patches over the exhaust, the fuel filler cap, the pull cord and start/stop knob and the choke. We still have to see if it runs with the cover on or whether we have to put in some stainless steel eyelets close to some mini air vents. On Friday we finally left Port Louis marina, the last World ARC boat to go. To be fair three other boats left during the morning so we were not alone there for long. We decided to sail south to Prickly Bay before heading north to Carriacou where we will clear out from Grenada on either Tuesday or Wednesday. We made good progress towards Pointe Salines, picking up a strong current just before we had to turn straight into the wind to pass inside Glover Island. We motored the last few miles. John thought the engine was running a bit hot so checked the fresh water reservoir, it was fine. Once anchored he had another look and found that the seawater pump was leaking. This morning he took the pump off to replace all the seals and serviced the spare pump at the same time. Then he made an unwelcome discovery, there was water in the oil. We seem to have used all the oil we had bought so he went ashore to Budget Marine, they had no oil left. John walked to Ace Hardware then caught a bus back. The bus is normally EC$2.50 but charge more to leave their normal route. He negotiated a drop off at Timbers cafe/bar by the dinghy dock for $10 as the three gallons (US) weighed rather a lot! This afternoon he has been struggling to get the old oil out of the engine. During the morning I did some cooking! On passage from Brazil to Grenada I made some ginger biscuits. They tasted great but were quite soft and I wondered if it was because I used honey as I had run out of golden syrup. Today, with the right ingredients to hand, they are better. I also checked the temperature of the oven with a thermometer and found it was rather lower than it should be on gas mark 4! While the final tray was cooking I mixed up a carrot cake, that also turned out well. The buttercream icing, on the other hand, was not so successful though it tastes OK. I also made a flask of yogurt, it might be more suited to being turned into cheese. We'll try it tonight when it is thoroughly chilled and make a decision then. Later: not cheesy, semi liquid rather than set and great with (tinned) pineapple and nutmeg syrup! Dinner was chicken breasts smothered in a creamy mushroom and Marsala sauce with breadfruit chips. We don't have Marsala on board so Googled it find a description. Elderly White Port seemed to fit the bill and it tasted delicious. That's another recipe I'll make again though it is a challenge with only two gas rings and no grill. We will almost certainly leave tomorrow morning without me even stepping ashore. Depending on Palm Tree Marine, we might pay a flying visit to Grenada before we leave the BVIs or we'll head straight here in December when we return to the Caribbean. Either way, we will be back to do some sailing and explore some of the lovely bays. Joyce Update. John stopped work for the day at 2130 when his oil extraction pump fell apart! Up early today, Easter Sunday, he has managed to finally drain all the oil water emulsion out of the engine. We will probably leave here as soon as he has refilled the oil and put his tools away. Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou is 35 miles away, we could get there in daylight if we don't suffer from foul currents otherwise we'll stop somewhere up the east coast of Grenada. Sent from my iPad

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