Ooohhh Deeaarr

We've just had the biggest engine fault so far. An occasional cough (fuel?), a bit of a rattle (tappets?) followed by continuous rattling of a can 1/2 full of nuts and bolts. I stopped the engine. Removal of a valve gear cover showed one broken spring and no sign of its valve shaft. Looks like the valve is in the cylinder, which probably does not have enough room for the piston as well. We were headed for Marigot Bay on St Lucia for a rally dinner tomorrow (Thursday) and a Parade of Sail to Rodney Bay on Saturday. We are now heading directly to Rodney Bay to anchor for the night and hope that the Marina will help us in tomorrow. We will get to tomorrow's dinner by car and work on the engine on the following days. Hopefully the parts can be flown in quickly. Allegro have been standing by to help, thank you. At the moment they have found their sail trimmer after 30,000 miles or have dolphins towing them and are leaving us standing! John

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