Where is Starblazer?

Hopefully this post will maintain the line and paragraph formatting. No idea why decently formatted emails appear as continuous text. There are three ways of seeing where we are. They do not all necessarily work at the same time? 1. SPOT.com SPOT is a small unit that sends a message to satellite when we push a button. The message results in an email to a list of 10 people (sorry, list is full). The email gives a position which, with a mouse click, appears on Google Earth. If you can contact our son Richard he will add you to an additional distribution list. Alternatively go to SPOT website and search for Starblazer. Annual subscription, but no cost per button push. This system relies on us pushing a button and replacing the battery when it's flat (like now!) Thanks Brian for the Christmas present. 2. YB Tracking Similar to SPOT (wider coverage, can do emails as well etc.) but automatic (we do not have to push the button). As part of World ARC we now own one and the rally organisation pay for usage whilst on a rally. Browse around the World Cruising Club website on a PC and you can find a link, then search for Starblazer. Tablets need an app and a subscription to follow us. We will probably pay for use after we get to USA but turn it off when not moving. I seem to recall £1 a day for two position messages. 3. Marine Traffic.com We usually have an AIS transmitter/receiver unit switched on that tells other boats where we are/speed/heading/ID number every 30 seconds and who we are every 3 minutes. This is mainly for collision avoidance. Many coastlines have AIS receivers linked to companies like Marine Traffic (MT). MT put this on their website that you can access for free, just search on there for Starblazer. John Starblazer

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