Starblazer, St Martin, Marigot Bay

Hi to all The plan was to collect the new alternator Tuesday and install it on Wednesday----- ---- Tuesday. Collect new alternator from Interline in Phillipsburg. Completed. Great shipping company. $10 shipping, $7.50 optional insurance. From Miami.--- During day collected Joyce's iPad after screen replaced I had fallen into 1m of sea with it in a backpack.--- Left mine in repairers as torrential rain going ashore got it wet, inside a waterproof case inside a rucksack. Home button not working. Might get a new one under warranty.--- Whilst in Phillipsburg went looking to find a company to make a new high pressure hose for the watermaker. Finally found them in Cole Bay and had new hose made. FKG are recommended but not cheap.----- Wednesday. Install new alternator. Failed, couldn't swap the new single pulley for the wanted old double pulley.--- Dropped alternators off at engine service company. --- Replaced high pressure hose on watermaker, that works well.----- Thursday went food shopping and collected alternators. IT company emailed and advised that my iPad is working fine. Water from torrential rain has probably dried out. Collected it. No time to install alternator and get to cruisers discussion on return Atlantic trip.----- Friday. Installed alternator. Rev counter works but no amps to the battery. 'OH BOTHER' or similar. --- Checked a few electrical things, bypassed alternator excitation supply (that red bulb that glows before the engine starts) as funny readings found whilst connected and disconnected. Alternator produces Amps. --- Disconnected engine cabling harness plug and re-connected, it now works!!. Disconnect and re-connect plug should not have cleared faults found. --- Deep thoughts over beer and lunch and went searching for cable fault. Found chafed wire insulated it and tied it away from the sharp edge. That could definitely have produced the faults found during the investigation.--- ----- Finally happy that we now have both alternators working. Job done, tools away. ----- Joyce has located source of two deck leaks into her clothes lockers after we found and fixed one on Monday. She already had her clothes in waterproof bags. ----- Work continues......... John, Starblazer

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