10/05/2017 – A different day.

Yesterday the sun reappeared, for most of the day anyway. The wind, on the other hand, reduced even further, barely reaching the heady heights of 8 knots! All this means one thing; we have been plodding along on the engine since 1700, though we should have given in rather sooner. There was one brief spell when the wind piped up a bit, from about 6 to 12, when a squall came through yesterday afternoon. It was almost certainly part of a front which has been lurking around and the wind veered from southeast (starboard tack) to west (port tack). The mainsail went across easily however the genoa was poled out to starboard and was too far off the wind to be helpful so we rolled it away. ..... ..... During the brief but heavy shower two boats, motoring on a parallel course to us on our port side, quickly pulled out their sails and almost as quickly put them away again as the squall passed! These two boats are now on our starboard side, within 6 nM of us though they did get ahead of us over night. When the wind is from dead ahead we cannot maintain 6 knots on the engine unless we run on high, thirsty revs. With the wind off the bow our mainsail can help drive us a little. If there is enough breeze it is also worth pulling out the genoa, every little helps. Our aim is to arrive in Bermuda on Friday afternoon, we need to average just over 5 knots. Yesterday’s run was 128 nM, not fantastic but it would have been horrendous without the use of the engine. ..... ..... After ‘junk food Monday’, or ‘fast food Monday’ which sounds a little healthier, yesterday’s dinner was chicken stir fry with five different vegetables and ‘Straight to Wok’ noodles. I don’t have a wok on board and usually use a very big saucepan however, as it was so calm, I used a frying pan which has a larger base. Rather against the odds, I don’t think I flicked anything on the floor. ..... ..... Joyce

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