The Plan

Our plan is simple - Sail around the world in 4+ years before we are too old. Much of the route will be with World Cruising Club rallies, the rest will be on our own and with friends old and new. We departed Portsmouth in May 2013 with ARC Portugal and finished that in Lagos, Portugal. Now we are sailing in the Med on our own, apart from bumping into friends on the way (not literally) In November we will leave Gran Canaria with the ARC to cross to St Lucia in the Caribbean with 250 other boats.  On past experience we will not see any of them after the first night until we arrive in mid December. Mid January  2014 we leave St Lucia with World ARC for the Panama Canal and into the Pacific. We will leave the rally in ?Fiji? and cruise on outr own and spend the southern summer (cyclone season) and Christmas safely in New Zealand. Spring 2015 we re-join the next World ARC rally and sail on to Australia, Indonesia and South Africa  (No pirates that far south).  Christmas 2015 will be in Cape Town. In January 2016 we head off across the Atlantic again to Brazil via St Helena, finally arriving back in St Lucia April 2016. Unfortuneately that is only a month before the regular departure from the Caribbean to avoid the hurrican season in the summer. We will head up the USA East Coast and be in New York in October for Joyce's Big Birthday Bash. Then back to the  Caribbean for Christmasand finally leave there in May 2017, probably with ARC Europe through the Azores to arrive back in July/August2017.

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