Married to John, therefore we have the same two children and three grand children! I trained as a primary school teacher but spent the majority of my working life in further education.  After retirement I concentrated on golf and gardening.  I am fairly fluent in French, can speak a little German but struggle with Spanish and Portuguese.  Roll on the French islands in the Pacific! We started sailing in the mid eighties, chartering, sailing with friends and a Greek flotilla holiday, buying our first boat on Cathy's 16th birthday, she wasn't thrilled.  We bought our second boat in Greece and brought her back to the UK with Richard and one of his friends as crew. It was on this boat that we did an Atlantic Circuit in 2009/10.  For the second time in my life I said I wanted a bigger boat so we bought Starblazer in December 2010. We have both done all the RYA yachtmaster theory courses, radio, sea survival, first aid etc.  I even did a diesel engine maintenance course and recently a seven day first aid and nursing care course. On board I do the majority of the provisioning and cooking, the canvas work and the washing (yuck) and writing the blog.  I am also responsible for servicing the winches, polishing the topsides and treating the teak if I get around to it. I do not do anything to the engine or the water maker, the electronics or going up to the top of the mast. Let the adventure begin.

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